Junior KG

Octopus focuses on encouraging children at this level by continues language development through sound and letter recognition, reading stories, singing, nursery rhymes in nurturing environment. Our children will get to practice letter string, writing and recognizing their own name and short sentences. They will be playing alphabet games and will able to dictate stories. In junior KG class children will learn on discovering hands on experiences.

General Knowledge development starts right from the junior Kg class as children has grown that active state from nursery learning and in octopus Kidz we include General knowledge as follows:


My Family

Sense organs and parts of the body

Seasons of the year

Water uses and sources

Primary Colours recognition

Common Flowers

Animals both domestic and wild

Transport vehicles and ways

Along with these Hindi vernamala and community helpers is also included for Junior Kg development. We also keep different plays designed for children here with all festival’s celebration.

All these development activities listed above are been measured thrice a year for knowing the growth analysis of Octopus children. Junior Kg is the helping stag for making children primary ready

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