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A Few Words About Octopuskidz

Octopus Kidz International School in Nanded City Pune is the Pre-Primary school having innovative program designed to initiate in the child the processes of expressing, learning, thinking, exploring and observing within a nurturing environment.

Octopus Kidz has a well-designed curriculum which offers age appropriate knowledge which will enable child to develop their emotional, physical, social and academic skills which will also develop their interest in learning because we are adopting the Play Way method of learning.

The curriculum offers the contents, skills and concepts during the four years of the child’s pre-primary education (Playgroup, Nursery, Jr.KG & Sr.KG). This will be the overall structured program including academic as well as personality development opportunities altogether.

Octopus Teaching Methodology includes:

  • Combinational of traditional teaching values and International teaching methods
  • Each Classroom has its own application-based learning and culture-encouraging learning
  • The transformation of child from Pre-Primary to Primary is very challenging, so we are adopting play way methods, fun activities which makes learning interesting and innovative for child
  • We ensure interest of each child according to their capability and strength of performance by learning the basic concepts of each subjects offered
  • We are intend to make children step out their comfort zones to learn and prosper as this can be possible by their early stage young mind adapting nature.

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Junior KG

Senior KG

Holiday Camp

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