Ways to add New Members to your PlayGroup

Promoting Your Playgroup
Playgroups are a source of enjoyment for many families in the community and are an essential community resource. Promoting your playgroup can help to:

  • Inform other families in the community
  • Support families with young children who feel isolated
  • Make the general community awareness of the value of playgroups
  • Attract new members

By Website
“Find a Playgroup” is the most frequently visited page on our website so it is important to let us know if your details change so families can get up to date contact information. A playgroup can also have an online notice board where playgroups can advertise for free. It is categorized into playgroups looking for new families; playgroup with session availability and playgroups holding an open day or event.

The Playgroup Facebook page grows its number of followers every day and is a great place to promote your playgroup. You can also create your own Playgroup Facebook page to stay in touch with your members and people in your local community. There are already many playgroups who are successfully using Facebook as a way of promoting their playgroupWord of Mouth
Most families join a playgroup because a friend invited them. Chat to your friends and relatives about playgroup. Pass on information to your networks via email, text message or social network sites. If your playgroup is trying to build up its members you could also carry playgroup information with you and pass it on to parents with young children you meet while shopping. You will be surprised at how successful this approach can be.
Plan an event to promote your playgroup. It could be an open day, a teddy bear’s picnic or bring a friend to playgroup event. Plan events carefully and advertise widely within your local community. Invite people to come along to have fun, see your playgroup firsthand and find out more information. Having some activities on hand is a great idea, we have a list of some ideas for you making sure the event is well organized and that all visitors are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join in is key. Be sure to have information on hand about your playgroup including contact details, session times and costs. Remember, the aim is to make the day so much fun that families will want to return.
Make a poster about your playgroup and display it at local meeting places and community boards such as local libraries, banks, local schools, shopping centers, residential area, and children garden areaThis are all about starting with Playgroups and run it successfully and for more information visits our website www.octopuskidz.com

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